TV tonight: the NHS heroes fighting to save our lives

A special documentary follows hospital staff at work and home as they battle the coronavirus crisis. Plus: whimsical relief in a documentary about stone skimmers. Here’s what to watch this evening

There is no doubt that NHS workers have been truly tested by the coronavirus pandemic and that their continuing work is vital to our collective survival as a nation. This documentary follows several across the country as they film their lives in the hospital and at home. There is Luke, an intensive care nurse who has become the last support for dying patients, and ICU consultant Rony, whose experiences have led him to question his mortality. A confronting watch. Ammar Kalia

A whimsical dive into the world of stone-skimming championships as this doc follows the fortunes of two skimmers, Dougie and Alex, in the 2018 Easdale Island world championship. With only three stones to try to clear the 63-metre stretch of water, who will skim long enough to come out on top? AK

The Thomas brothers continue their journey in Mumbai to reconnect with their Indian roots, tonight visiting a flaming barbers and the beautiful Vipassana pagoda in the north of the city. They also meet the first of their relatives in the city, cousin Keisha, who is also an entertainer. AK

One small benefit of this topsy-turvy time is the uptick in home crafting (or watching something craft-themed on TV). Threatening to eclipse the cut-throat world of Bake Off, Sewing Bee is both gentle and impressive. This week focuses on adorable (and very fun) children’s clothes. Hannah J Davies

It’s decision time for Nelly, who is torn between saving Grace from her fate and hunting down Jody’s abductors in the series climax. He’s still determined to find Paul, too – will staking out key cutters in Leyton provide him with the breakthrough he so urgently needs? Or has his final shot at redemption gone? Ali Catterall

Jason Segel’s quirky anthology drama (which, remarkably, is based on a true story) continues in increasingly perplexing style. Tonight, we view events from the perspective of Janice (Sally Field) as she chases Octavio’s limo in search of answers. But are there even any answers? Phil Harrison

Nowhere Boy, 11.10pm, Film4
This trot down Penny Lane is less a rock’n’roll biopic of John Lennon than a gritty drama of working-class Liverpool life. Director Sam Taylor-Wood’s boyfriend Aaron Johnson plays the angry young Lennon, tugged between his needy mum and indomitable Aunt Mimi. It’s a captivating tale. Paul Howlett

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