John Hannah: ‘I’d rather take the dog out than binge-watch TV’

In the latest of our series in which artists share their viewing recommendations, the Sliding Doors actor confesses his box-set scepticism and discusses our obsession with Miss Marple

The wife and I are in the middle of Devs. I like a bit of sci-fi. The kids aren’t that bothered. The imagery is similar to Ex Machina.

My son’s into this Spanish crime drama, Money Heist. He’s gone through three seasons since the weekend. I’m not great at bingeing. I just can’t sit there and watch five episodes of Better Call Saul. After two episodes, I’m ready for a break. I just don’t have the time on lockdown. I’m constantly making dinners, tidying up and taking the dog for a walk. Who wants to binge when the weather’s like this?

We usually watch a movie at the weekend, but now you’ve put me on the spot, I can’t remember what. Yes, you’re right, Sliding Doors was on the other day, but – ha – I’ve seen that. I can’t wait for the third series of Succession. It’s King Lear, isn’t it? I worked with Brian Cox a few years ago. He’s just phenomenal in it.

We watched Quiz. It didn’t really come down one side, which was interesting. I liked what his wife said about how the British are obsessed with quizzes. I’ve often thought that it’s like why we’re so obsessed with crime dramas. It’s because we don’t have guns. If you go round shooting everybody, you’re easy to catch. Without guns, the elaboration of the crime mystery is a lot more engaging. It’s all done with a candlestick in the library or getting shoved off a train. If we had guns, we’d make westerns and shoot-out films. But instead we have Agatha Christie and Poirot and Miss Marple.

I’m also in this new Canadian TV show called Transplant. Hopefully it’ll be shown over here. They’re gonna need some more product soon. I play the head of emergency medicine in Toronto. I’m involved in a serious road accident, and this young Syrian, who’s actually a trained doctor but is working in a kebab shop, saves my life. So I offer him a job. Anyway, we’ve all been watching it as a family, and I think it’s going down quite well. That’s a good sign, if your wife and kids like it.

Enemy Lines is released on DVD and digital platforms on 4 May.

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